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Building Warrant of Fitness

A Building WOF is required annually to ensure the building is safe. Failure to comply with the necessary Building WOF regulations can result in heavy penalties as well as endangering the lives of the people using the premises. It is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure this compliance is achieved.

By appointing Compass to take care of your building WOF requirements, you save time and money. 

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Buildings with WOFs / Compliance Schedules
Buildings containing certain safety features and essential systems, such as fire alarms and lifts, require a compliance schedule.  The owner must ensure continued effective operation of those features and systems and sign an annual building warrant of fitness.

Under the Building Act 2004, any building (except a single residential dwelling) will require a compliance schedule and annual building warrant of fitness if it contains any of the following:

  • automatic sprinkler systems or other systems of fire protection
  • automatic fire doors
  • emergency warning systems for fire or other dangers
  • emergency lighting systems
  • escape route pressurisation systems
  • riser mains for fire service use
  • any automatic backflow preventer connected to drinking water supplies
  • lifts, escalators, or travelators
  • mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems serving all or a major part of the building
  • any other mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or electronic system which must operate correctly to comply with the building code
  • building maintenance units which provide access to the exterior and interior walls of buildings
  • such signs as are required by the building code in respect of any of the above mentioned systems

The WOF / Compliance Schedule
The compliance schedule is a document issued by the council.  It lists the stated building’s safety features and essential services and the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures needed to keep them in good working order.

All compliance schedule may also includes similar procedures for:

  • SS14/2 Signs relating to a system or feature specified for any of the above systems (SS1-13)
  • SS15/2 Final Exits
  • SS15/3 Fire Separations
  • SS15/4 Exit Signage for Evacuation
  • SS15/5 Smoke Separations

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